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All tickets are reserved seating and everyone will have the opportunity to say who they believe the murderer was, all tickets include a meal catered by the Old Filling Station.


The front row of tables are the "Interactive" seats.  Those tables will have the opportunity to interact with the show, stopping it at times to ask questions or interject other info thus getting more clues out of the cast.  No one will be asked to leave their seat or even speak if they don't wish to.  This added level of interaction is only available for the front row of tables!



This interactive murder mystery dinner theater will have you and your table of evening detectives roaring with laughter!  Join us for a fun evening of sleuthing and help everyone discover who-dunnit!




POSTPONED:  New dates will be posted here.  Current ticket sales will be honored or refunded upon request.




Doors open a half hour before the show.  Dinner will be served before the show begins, BYOB welcome.


Located at the Benton Volunteer Fire Hall.


Tickets must be purchased in advance.


This is a BYOB event.


For additional information please email:  [email protected]




The action takes place in the "Cafe Caffeine" a coffee house and bookstore not particularly known for doing either very well.  Upstairs is an apartment that can be accessed by an upstairs hallway on either the kitchen side or office side of the building.


TULLY - He is a flamboyant, sarcastic, but sensitive man. He was trained as a dancer and often plays chess professionally. Tully won the international limbo contest, but while attempting an under-the-bar, half-twist, with a full body roll, he hurt his back and had to withdraw from future competitions. He is the main cook and waiter at Café Caffeine, although he is terrible at both skills.



DR. BILL KILDARE - Has a Ph.D. in English Literature. A middle-aged book collector and scholar, Kildare is often found in the back aisles of very old libraries. Once he was found removing antique books from a library. A lawsuit is still pending.


CLARICE - A beautiful woman in her thirties. She is a waitress and an assistant to Ariel Ford. Her job at Café Caffeine is secure, because she is the only one capable of working the cappuccino machine. Her dream would be to own a coffee house. She is having a secret affair with an anonymous lover who calls her “Boots,” the only explanation for which is her long rooted love of war movies and military attire.


MIRANDA DE VERE - A young woman, 25-30 years old. Miranda is a graduate of Our Lady of Perpetual Entertainment. She still dons the clothes of a good Catholic girl, because her father Charles De Vere insists that she remain pure. If she does not keep her virginity, she will not inherit his fortune. The rumor is that many have tested the validity of her chastity.


ROBERT LUDZESKI - An undercover policeman, Robert is a good-looking, young cop. He is pretending to be an out-of-work student, and if he bungles the case, he will indeed be an out-of-work policeman. He is staking out Café Caffeine in hopes of catching a money laundering facility.


 APRIEL FORD - Is a woman on the go. She is the ex-wife of Charles De Vere and one of the stepmothers of Miranda (a fact she wishes was not true). She is the boss of Café Caffeine, but only when Charles allows her to be. Her hobby is the collecting and restoring of old and rare books. She lacks talent at running a restaurant, therefore the Café is struggling.





Produced by special arrangement with Heuer Publishing LLC of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

By  Author Ken Jones

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